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This Study Guide is an accompaniment to "The Awakening and Growth of the Human: Studies in Infant Mental Health", a series of 10 videotapes, produced and narrated by Mr. Michael Trout.

The Infant Mental Health Telecourse materials consist of the Study Guide, the Trout Videotapes, and 30 highly recommended readings on infant mental health topics.

An Instructor's Guide is available.

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University of Southern Maine


Portland, Maine


The Telecourse Study Guide is the result of collaboration by some staff of two units of the University of Southern Maine: The Human Services Development Institute of the Center for Research and Advanced Study and The Child and Family Institute of The Division of Human Resources. The project was funded by The Department of Education and Cultural Services, The Developmental Disabilities Council and The Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation of the State of Maine.

© Susan Partridge, Division of Human Resources, Child and Family Institute, State of Maine, 1987.

The Awakening and Growth of the Human Infant: A Telecourse Study Guide for Infant Mental Health Practitioners



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