Teaching an online course on Sexual Harassment [Book Chapter]


Teaching an online course on Sexual Harassment [Book Chapter]


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The frequency of sexual assault on college campuses is startlingly high. Notwithstanding this fact, most campus officials are not trained in the psychology of the victimization process, while most students are not aware of their reporting options. A practical guide to sexual assault at colleges and universities, this book integrates theories and empirical research with information about legislation and techniques to help college administrators deal with—and prevent—these disturbing offenses.

The work brings together a team of experts who discuss various types of assault, including rape, stalking, intimate partner violence, and sexual harassment, and detail the legal, educational, and federal responses to such events on college campuses. They address federal and state laws, including new bills being proposed in Congress, and present research on the physical and psychological dimensions of sexual assault. Perhaps most important, the book shows how human resource techniques and principles can be used to establish preventative measures and to respond appropriately when sexual assault does occur. Students' accounts of prevention training and education enhance the scholarly and legal contributions to this important—and timely—volume.



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Teaching an online course on Sexual Harassment [Book Chapter]

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