The Boathouse: an Angus Quinn novel

The Boathouse: an Angus Quinn novel


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The Boathouse is a suspenseful historical novel set in New York City during the early 1890s. The story unfolds as Hazel Chapman desperately searches for her missing husband, Lewis Chapman, while protecting their nineteen-year-old daughter, Nellie, from the truth that her father is wanted for murder. Hazel scours the Upper West Side, eventually crossing paths with a kindly Irish policeman, Sergeant Angus Quinn, and his rookie partner, Paulie Abbott. As the pair put their detective skills to work to find the killer before he strikes again, Hazel guards a secret about Lewis and their lives together, and vows to find her husband before the police can apprehend him. While Hazel fights exhaustion and is in danger of losing their family home, Sergeant Quinn makes a startling discovery about the leadership of the Twentieth Precinct police station. He puts his own life and that of his partner in danger as they fight the political powerhouse that controls city hall and the metropolitan police force. This thrilling story, the first in a series of novels featuring Sergeant Quinn and Patrolman Abbott, will compel readers to keep turning the pages right up to the very unexpected ending.



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The Boathouse: an Angus Quinn novel

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