Windscapes: A Global Perspective on Wind Power


Windscapes: A Global Perspective on Wind Power


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Wind power has emerged in the twenty-first century as a viable and significant component of global energy production. And while embraced in some sectors, resistance remains to its full implementation in other situations.

Windscape is the authors' term for the variety of elements that feed in to the harnessing of wind power. They include the combination of local climate and geography, environmental and ecological conditions; the mix of public policies; human land use and available infrastructure. Just as a variety of factors combine to create a landscape, so these factors combine, the authors argue, to create a windscape.

In developing the concept, the authors look at the history of wind energy and its modern emergence as a viable power source; the technology of converting wind into electricity; public policy as regards wind power. Importantly, the authors do not shy away from examining some of the environmental and aesthetic negatives attached to the subject of wind power. Case studies illustrating the authors' arguments are derived from Europe, Asia and the USA, and the book concludes with a review of the current status of wind power. This book will be particularly useful to students on all kinds of renewables/sustainability courses, as well as for researchers, educators and developers working in the general area of wind engineering.



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Fall 10-1-2015


Multi-Science Publishers


Essex, UK


Wind energy, Windscapes, Energy production, public policy

Windscapes: A Global Perspective on Wind Power

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