The Certified Quality Inspector Handbook

The Certified Quality Inspector Handbook


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The quality inspector is the person perhaps most closely involved with day-to-day activities intended to ensure products and services meet customer expectations. The quality inspector is required to understand and apply a variety of tools and techniques as described in the ASQ Certified Quality Inspector (CQI) Body of Knowledge (BoK). The tools and techniques identified in the BoK include technical math, metrology, inspection and test techniques, and quality assurance. Quality inspectors frequently work in the quality function of organizations in the various measurement and inspection laboratories, as well as on the shop floor supporting and interacting with quality engineers and production/service delivery personnel. This handbook is intended to serve as a ready reference for quality inspectors and quality inspectors-in-training, as well as a comprehensive reference for those individuals preparing to take the ASQ CQI examination. Examples and problems used throughout the handbook are thoroughly explained, algebra-based, and drawn from real-world situations encountered in the quality profession. To assist readers in using this book as a ready reference or as a study aid, it has been organized to conform explicitly to the CQI Body of Knowledge. It addresses all the topics critical to the work of quality inspectors: evaluating hardware documentation, performing laboratory procedures, inspecting products, measuring process performance, recording data and preparing formal reports, and much more. This comprehensive reference is a must-have for every quality inspector s bookshelf.



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ASQ Quality Press


Milwaukee, WI


Production management, Quality control


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The Certified Quality Inspector Handbook

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