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Front: Photo of an African American woman and girls standing on the front steps of a brownstone. They all smile for the camera; the woman has her arms around the girls. The woman wears a light-colored floral dress; the girl in front wears a short-sleeved sweater; the girl in back wears a light-colored blouse. The girl in front holds the paw of a black and white-spotted dog. A sign in the background reads, "MLLE M. W. RUBY LADIES HAIRDRESSING EVERYTHING IN HAIR GOODS ELECTRICAL TREATMENT".

Back: Handwritten note reads, "This is a snap of Lorraine + Geraldine + myself. We took it in front of the house. Gladys kid - Gerry is above Lorraine Old Spot got in -".

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African American, woman, children, 1920s, hairdressing