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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)


Leadership Studies


leadership, community college, maine, LOS


Recent seminars and meetings between state officials and business leaders have established that a perceived disconnect exists between the skill's, knowledge, and abilities needed by their enterprises and the skill's, knowledge, and abilities being taught by the state’s educational systems. The Maine Community College System's vision states that the system answers to a number of stakeholders by providing a two year comprehensive, affordable, and accessible college education..." dedicated to building a quality workforce for Maine” (Maine Community College, n.d.). While the MCCS is a relatively new institution, this suggests that the community college arena is the most logical starting place for investigating and identifying these disconnects. Through interviews with students and businesses, surveys for both groups of stakeholders were developed. The resulting survey data was used to ascertain any disconnects and suggest possible venues for determining if curriculum changes would address them. Suggestions for future directions are offered.