Demystifying Writing: Using Conceptual Interview and Flowchart to Create Writing Goals

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Open Access Thesis

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


School Psychology

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Wickerd, Garry

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Siffrinn, Nicole

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Pratt, Jamie L


PsyD; Assessment; Cognitive model; Conceptual interview; Flowchart; Targets; Writing


This study aimed to apply the novel use of a conceptual interview and flowchart to support teachers in easily identifying areas of development in writing using the developmental/cognitive model of writing (Flower & Hayes, 1980). This study involved two phases. The first phase involved the creation of a conceptual interview and flowchart based on the developmental/cognitive model of writing. The second phase involved using an electronic distribution method to determine if the conceptual interview and flowchart supported teachers of writing in accurately selecting instructional targets for students. Participants included 230 teachers of writing for grades K-12 in Maine. These participants were split into K-6 and 7-12 grade bands and randomly assigned to either a control or experimental group within their assigned grade band. Results were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Overall, K-12 teachers in the experimental group identified a writing target more accurately than teachers in the control group. Analysis by grade band showed statistically significant findings for grade K-6 teachers. Overall, teachers rated that they agreed to strongly agreed that this was an acceptable assessment (90%), an effective assessment (86%), and that they would be willing to use the assessment (74%).