Date of Award

Fall 2013

Document Type

Open Access Dissertation

Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



First Advisor

Mark W. Steege PhD

Second Advisor

Rachel Brown PhD

Third Advisor

Heather Alvarez PhD


On-task behavior, emotional and behavioral disorders, self-modeling


Developing effective and efficient methods to increase the on-task behavior of students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) is an important step in improving the academic performance and outcomes of this population. This study evaluated the effectiveness of a video self-modeling intervention to improve the on-task behavior of two school-age students with EBD. To demonstrate the feasibility of using emerging technology to carry out an evidence-based intervention, this study utilized an Apple iPad to capture, edit, and display self-modeling videos promoting on-task behavior during independent math work. A multiple baseline across subjects design was employed in order to evaluate the effects of the intervention. For one participant, direct data revealed increases in on-task behavior from 13% of intervals during baseline to 79% during the VSM intervention phase. Since a more modest increase in on-task behavior was observed for the second subject, a reinforcement condition was added to VSM, which resulted in a greater increase in on-task behavior. Data collected regarding the percentage of math problems completed and response accuracy showed similar trends. Data also were collected during the development of self-modeling videos on the iPad, and showed a mean time devoted to the intervention to be about 47 minutes on average, which included collecting and editing video footage.