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PS3606.O723 A6 2015

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Stephen Motika

Second Advisor

Justin Tussing, Interim Director

Third Advisor

Dr. Manuel Avalos, Dean


Stonecoast MFA, projectivist method, verbal artform


Such that a collection of poetry dictate to the reader the candidate's existence as having been, then, there, elsewise now, here, the current , whenever, by whatever means available to him; that the rain may fall on the sound roof which houses this work and the work of its fellowcraft, for whom this stands, in part, a monument to tall friendship: that each poem work as having occurred; that this student display somehow what has been taught to him hitherto; that he is very excited to be here; that you are here; that the Stonecoast in Maine, which has bettered the candidate immensely, may be done right by; that location freely play its key role in the language and thinking of the poesy herein, as in "setting," and as in moreso; that the history of ideas may be peripheralized herein, such that the poet display rigorous study of and care for the craft; that the poet's use of the abstract be shown as a measure of tolerance against carelessness and stand no stricture and suffer nothing obvious; that the poet recollect always and forget always and in all ways remain navigable to whatever presides over; that your voice say with the poet, who joins you, specifically here; that some honor may attempt to be paid to the forebears, such as an offering before them; that ground be, as well as the poet can, not retrod but blazed; that the poet may say something into the night and have the morning remember what was said ; that the poet may better like to call himself poet by the end of it; that the poet realize, who better, his indebtedness; that the writer take on a quality of the humble immortality and wherewithal of the craft...!

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