Blogging Borders: Transnational Feminist Rhetorics and Global Voices

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As more and more digital publics emerge as generative sites for cross-cultural communication and social action, it becomes imperative for us to critically question the ways in which these spaces operate not only as platforms from which to speak, but also as platforms from which to silence. By looking at digital publics through the lens of genre and critical discourse theory, I argue that the dis/empowering and (de)linking of speakers is an intrinsic part of public discourse and one that deserves further scrutiny. Through an analysis of the global feminist blog,Gender Across Borders, this project questions the ways in which the fostering and foreclosing of public discourse relies on the rhetorical practices communities use to respond to a shared exigence. In using this site as a case study, I suggest that the rhetorical approaches to and within digital publics necessitate critical examinations of the ideological social relations undergirding those approaches.