USM Digital Humanities (USMDH) is an interdisciplinary initiative that extends the range and scope of scholarship, research, and creative activity at USM through innovative uses of digital technologies, extramural partnerships, and community engagement.

USMDH aims to revitalize and further USM’s metropolitan mission by linking humanities research and creativity with the work of technology companies, non-profit organizations, and small and big businesses. It seeks to provide opportunities for students and faculty to integrate academic study with work experiences, while developing mutually beneficial extramural partnerships.

USMDH’s first project is Digital Maine. Digital Maine seeks to integrate unique and compelling digital content, including audio, video, and image data, with scholarly activities to articulate social, cultural, and environmental themes related to Maine history and society. It brings together artists and scholars who share an interest in doing Maine-based research and creative activity. Members of this Research Cluster work in the fields of Art, Computer Science, Economics, English, History, Geography, and Library Science. By bringing together university and industry experts to disseminate the project’s activity via digital tools, and by developing public interfaces to access and interact with its digital archives, Digital Maine supports and promotes the economic and cultural vitality of Maine.


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