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Martins of Boston (Calligrapher)

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Roll of Honor

(Column One)

Major Fred K. Abbott
Mustered in August 15, 1917, Engineers, First Army Corps, 144th Engineers
Mustered out December 15th 1918.

Captain Thomas K. Anderson
Mustered in October 23, 1918, Quartermaster Corps Discharged June 21, 1919

Private Ralph O. Brewster
Mustered in October 22, 1918, Field Artillery Camp (Unintelligible) Taylor. Louisville, Ky. Discharged November 29, 1918.

Major William L. Cousins
Mustered in July 8, 1918. Medical Corps. Discharged January 21, 1919.

Ensign Gordon Pierre Floyd
Mustered in December. Naval Aviation. Discharged February 10, 1919.

Captain Orantel L. Haney
Mustered in August 22nd, 1917. Battery F, 12 nd. Artillery, C.A.C. Discharged
December 13, 1918

Corporal Merton Austin Upland
Mustered in March 31, 1917. C.A.C. Anti Aircraft Service. A.E.F. Discharged
January 23rd, 1919.

Corporal George I. LeGrow
Mustered in July 23, 1918. Company M. 74th Infantry, 12th Division, Camp
Devens. Discharged January 27, 1919.

Captain Raymond S. Oakes
Mustered in September 21, 1918 (Unintelligible) Discharged March 1, 1919.

First Lieutenant Wendell T. Smith
Mustered in May 10, 1917. Infantry 76th, 41st, and 78th Divisions. Overseas
From July 1918. Discharged June 11, 1919.

Lieutenant DeForest Weeks
Mustered in February 9, 1918. Medical Corps, 11th Regiment Transportation
Corps A.E.F. Discharged June, 13 1919.

Andrew C. Anderson
Third Regiment.

(Second Column)

Supply Sargeant George I. Andrew
Mustered in May 31, 1918. Field Artillery, Camp Jackson S.C. Discharged
January 10, 1919.

Second Lieutenant William W. Barnes
Mustered in August 3, 1917 - 72nd Artillery C.A.C. Adjutant 1st Battalion, Eight
Months Overseas. Discharged April 19, 1919.

Second Lieutenant Franz W. Burkett
Mustered in February 20, 1918. Air Service. Aircraft Production. Discharged
February 6, 1919.

First Class Seaman Seth P.H.Carr
Mustered in July 8, 1918. U.S. Navy. Discharged February 2, 1919.

First Lieutenant Fred L. Fish
Mustered in October 1917. Ordnance Department.

Second Lieutenant Harold W. Joy
Mustered in July 25, 1917. C.A.C. and Infantry. Discharged January 9, 1919.

Corporal Donald C. Leark
Mustered in June 24, 1918. Q.M.C. 9th Co. Depot Brigade. Camp Devens and
Camp Johnston. Discharged January 10, 1919.

Private Charles Banks Mitchell
Mustered in October 31, 1918. C.A.C. and Q.M.C. Forts Williams and Preble.
Discharged March 24, 1919.

Major Bertrand D. Riflon
Mustered in August 31, 1917. Medical Corps. Discharged October 5, 1919.

Supply Sargeant Albert H. Wilson Jr.
Mustered in August 29, 1918. Army Service Corps - (Unintelligible) Section A.E.F.

Private William L. Walker
Mustered in June 25, 1918. 6th Company Infantry 2nd Battalion Depot
Brigade. Camp Devens. Discharged December 11, 1918.

Frederic H. Ripley
Third Regiment


Paper; framed in wood.


Woodfords Club members


This WWI-era Roll of Honor is located inside the Woodfords Club, a private Portland social club founded in 1913. The then-men's club was founded by a group of conservative Portland businessmen, and they opened their clubhouse (at its current location) in 1914. The memorial honors club members who served in World War I. The club also has an honor roll for club members who served in World War II.

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