IT Autopilot: A flexible IT service management and delivery platform for small and medium business

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IBM Systems Journal


IT Autopilot is a flexible architecture to support the delivery of information technology(IT) systems management services. Complex services that involve several tools requireintegration between the tools and automated processes that can invoke multipletools. Designed primarily for the small and mid-sized enterprise, the architecture of ITAutopilot allows it to be deployed as a set of local and remote services delivered by theenterprise or by service providers as a flexible and extensible service offering. The ITAutopilot integrated IT service management platform is able to combine different toolsand services to create specific, customized IT service solutions. Using the analogy of anautopilot on an airplane, the pilot first performs a set of manual operations to get theairplane off the ground and flying. Next, the autopilot is engaged to carry on normalflight operations. In our vision, there is an initial manual configuration step before ITAutopilot is enabled to take over and maintain the customer’s normal IT operationalstate. In this paper we explain our vision and describe the prototype system we haveimplemented