YODA: An advanced display for personal computers

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IBM Journal of Research and Development


Executive Summary:

From August 2010 to February 2011 personnel from Information and Innovation at the University of Southern Maine have conducted a study of IT skills needed, possessed and taught in Maine. The goals of this study were to provide fine-grained information to the Maine state Department of Labor to facilitate their workforce development activities.

This study concerns the skills sought after by employers, possessed by unemployed and employed workers and taught in education and training establishments with a "bricks and mortar" presence in Maine. It relied on data created by third parties and by study personnel. Anecdotal evidence was gathered from meetings with local industry IT professionals as well. This study does not attempt to estimate demand or supply of a given skill, but it does assess which skills are in greatest and least demand, which skills are in greatest and least supply, and which skills are taught more and less often. The results of data analysis are presented in a new measure, "skill rank disparity," which exposes skill and training gaps and gluts.

This study provides certain insights into its results, observing individual cases of skills high in demand and low in supply, for example. Insights are also provided in terms of groups of skills that are often taught, often asked for, and whether these groups of skills are well-represented