Verification Technology for Object-Oriented/XML Transactions

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Typically, object-oriented schemas are lacking declarative specification of the schema integrity constraints. Object-oriented transactions are also typically missing a fundamental ACID requirement: consistency. We present a developed technology based on object-oriented assertion languages that overcomes these limitations of persistent and database object systems. This technology allows specification of object-oriented integrity constraints, their static verification and dynamic enforcement. Proof strategies that are based on static and dynamic verification techniques as they apply to verification of object-oriented transactions are presented in the paper. Most of this work has been motivated by the problems of object-oriented interfaces to XML that have not been able to express typical XML Schema constraints, database constraints in particular. The components of this technology are an object-oriented constraint language, a verification system with advanced typing and logic capabilities, predefined libraries of object-oriented specification and verification theories, and an extended virtual platform for integrating constraints into the run-time type system and their management.


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