Semantics of Objectified XML Constraints

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The core of a model theory for a functional object-oriented data model extended with XML-like types is presented. The object-oriented component of this integrated paradigm is based on Featherweight Java and XML is represented by regular expression types. The main contributions are in extending both with general logic-based constraints and establishing results on schema and database evolution by inheritance that respects database integrity requirements. The paper shows that formally defined semantics of this integrated paradigm does indeed exist and in fact may be constructed in a model-theoretic fashion. The generality of the developed model theory and its relative independence of a particular logic basis makes it applicable to a variety of approaches to XML (as well as object-oriented) constraints. A pleasing property of this model theory is that it offers specific requirements for semantically acceptable evolution of these sophisticated schemas and their databases.


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This material is based upon work supported in part by NSF under grant number IIS-9811452 and in part by the Institute for Information Sciences of the University of Southern Maine.