OpenROSA, JavaROSA, GloballyMobile - Collaborations around Open Standards for Mobile Applications

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The paper reports on three interrelated open standards and coding collaboration efforts: OpenROSA, JavaROSA and GloballyMobile. The OpenROSA consortium was established to reduce duplication of effort among the many groups working on mobile data collection systems. The goal is to foster open-source, standards-based tools for mobile data collection, aggregation, analysis, and reporting. JavaROSA is an open-source platform for data collection on mobile devices. At its core, JavaROSA is based on the XForms standard – the official W3C standard for next-generation data collection and interchange. The mission of GloballyMobile is to cooperate on mobile phone application development, testing, and implementation, while sharing plans, progress, and lessons learned, in order to promote innovation, increase efficiency, and maximize the impact of humanitarian assistance. The paper also give a brief overview of projects under the OpenROSA umbrella which uses JavaROSA as the mobile data capture solution.


Proceedings of M4D 2008, Karlstad University, Sweden