Intrapersonal Communication

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Book Chapter

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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods


Communication, cognitive psychology, social cognition, self-communication, blogs and research


Intrapersonal communication is defined as communicating with oneself. Some scholars have expanded communicating with oneself to include a vast range of cognitive behaviors, mental entities like traits and knowledge and processes like association and comparison. However, we will distinguish the study of mental entities and processes as cognitive psychology and not intrapersonal communication, though it’s a close relative often carrying the label ‘intrapersonal’. In this entry we will distinguish between using the term intrapersonal to refer to cognitive behavior broadly versus intrapersonal communication to refer to internal processes of communication, that is, e.g., interpretation of messages from others, determining goals and tactics, self assurance, self-discovery and self-delusion. With an understanding of intrapersonal communication as a distinct area of study, we will consider ways in which the Internet has been used to do research on intrapersonal communication.


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