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Publications from 2022


Launching into Life After College, Leonard J. Shedletsky, Jeanette Andonian Dr., David Bantz Dr., and Dennis Gibson MFA

Books from 2020

Automation and Augmentation: Human Labor as an Essential Complement to Machines, Maureen Ebben PhD


Speculative Punishment, Incarceration, and Control in 'Black Mirror', David P. Pierson PhD

Publications from 2019


Network Temporality and Financialization in Duncan Jones's 'Moon' and 'Source Code', David P. Pierson PhD


'The Shield' and 'Breaking Bad' as Televisual Fallen Man Serial Melodramas, David P. Pierson PhD

Publications from 2018


Seeing Bullshit Rhetorically: Human Encounters and Cultural Values, Leonard Shedletsky

Publications from 2017

Intrapersonal Communication, Leonard Shedletsky PhD

Publications from 2016


Ralph Blumenthal Talk, Ralph Blumenthal


Ralph Blumenthal Talk - Workshop, Ralph Blumenthal

The Long Fight: 'Combat!' and the Generic Development of the TV War Drama Series, David P. Pierson PhD


Addressing Microaggressions: Transgressing the Line Between Professional and Social Activism, Karla Scott, Victoria DeFrancisco, and Maureen Ebben


‘Humanitarian intervention’, a predictable narrative? A comparative analysis of media narratives from Serbia to Syria, Christian Vukasovich PhD

Publications from 2014


Unpacking MOOC scholarly discourse: a review of nascent MOOC scholarship, Maureen Ebben and Julien Murphy

AMC’s Mad Men and the Politics of Nostalgia [Book Chapter], David Pierson PhD

Cases on Teaching Critical Thinking Through Visual Representation Strategies, Leonard J. Shedletsky and Jeffrey S. Beaudry

Books from 2013

Breaking Bad: Critical Essays on the Contexts, Politics, Style, and Reception of the Television Series, David P. Pierson

Publications from 2012


Whatever happened to Tanjug?: Re-loading memory for an understanding of the global news system, Christian Vukasovich PhD

Books from 2011

The Fugitive, David P. Pierson

Books from 2010

Critical Thinking in Discussion: Online versus Face-to-Face [Book Chapter], Leonard Shedletsky PhD

Cases on Online Discussion and Interaction: Experiences and Outcomes, Leonerd Shedletsky and Joan E. Aitken

Books from 2001

Case Management: Nurses and Physicians Confronting Gendered Organization, Russell J. Kivatisky PhD