USM Media Students Casco Bay Stories: Portland Water District

USM Media Students Casco Bay Stories: Portland Water District


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During their final semester in the USM Communications and Media Studies program, graduating seniors work in small teams to produce documentary films for local non-profits. This hands-on capstone project provides students the opportunity to use the skills they learned throughout their college career. After researching, planning, working closely with organizations, and executing the production, the films are showcased at the end of the semester. In the spring of 2015, a group of seniors selected CBEP as a partner for their capstone project.

Graduating seniors Joseph Kendrick, Weston Masi, Jenna Palladino, and Grace Waldron created their own Casco Bay Stories by interviewing and engaging with some of the people who work, live, and play in Casco Bay. The students chose to focus on Casco Bay island history, the Portland Water District, Portland Harbor Fish Market, and the Cliff Island ACE program. CBEP Director Curtis Bohlen and Island Institute Fellow Erin Love were also interviewed.

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Portland, ME


Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, University of Southern Maine, Communication and Media Studies, Portland Water District


Communication and Media Studies


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USM Media Students Casco Bay Stories: Portland Water District