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MLTI, Maine, education, technology

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Policy Brief


The purpose of this report is to explore the expansion of the MLTI program that occurred in the 2013‐2014 academic year. In June 2014, over 400 individuals from Maine public schools were solicited to participate in a survey examining their experiences with MLTI technology in their schools. In 2013‐2014, for the first time since the inception of MLTI in 2002, the program shifted to a multiple‐device solution, which offered schools the opportunity to select from a range of device choices, including a MacBook Air, iPad, or HP Probook. Both the MacBook Air and the HP Probook were traditionally formatted laptops, while the iPad was a handheld tablet. Prior to the transition to a multiple device solution, all students and teachers enrolled in MLTI received a MacBook laptop.

The survey aimed to examine the levels of satisfaction affiliated with MLTI device selection, as well to assess the types of activities in which students and teachers engaged with their devices and how often. In the following brief, we summarize the findings of this survey, highlighting satisfaction and use levels by device type and the strengths and challenges summarized by school personnel about technology integration, and adoption. We conclude by offering suggestions for schools that are considering changing devices to help facilitate the technological and pedagogical transitions required for success.