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college readiness, Maine, Maine high schools

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What follows are the findings from a preliminary analysis of the performance and characteristics of a recent class of Maine high school graduates who have enrolled in college the fall after high school graduation. To examine Claims 1 and 2, we used data provided by the National Student Clearinghouse (NCS) on the cohort of students who graduated high school in Spring 2010 (2010 NCSC). The NCS tracks approximately 90% of high school graduates who enroll in a United States college or university each year. However, the data available from NCS is limited. Thus, to examine Claims 3‐6 we limited our analysis to high school graduates enrolled as full-time students in a University of Maine System (UMS) university in Fall 2010. The University of Maine System data provides more detailed information on the high school students and their high school careers, and their course taking patterns in the university; both of these areas are targeted for further analysis in future studies.



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