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The Casco Bay Plan, published in 1996 through the Casco Bay Estuary Project (CBEP 1996), includes the goal to open and protect clam flats in Casco Bay, in turn contributing to the health of this fishery and to the economic value of this resource. The purpose of this study was to update and expand upon the work completed through the Phase I and Phase II of Expanding and Sustaining the Shellfisheries of Casco Bay (2003) project and to compile a list of recommendations to continue towards the Plan’s goal.


The Casco Bay Estuary Partnership Clam Team dedicates this report to Richard “Dickie” Lemont who unselfishly devoted much of his life working to open and protect clam flats in Phippsburg and championing the softshell clam industry in all of Maine. We miss his devotion and passion, his eagerness to share his wealth of knowledge, and we are indebted to him for all that he contributed to expanding and sustaining the softshell clam fishery in Casco Bay.