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Guided by the Casco Bay Plan 2016–2021 (which builds on the original 1996 Plan and a 2006 Plan Update), CBEP will focus on four primary Goals that extend the scope and impact of the collective work already underway on behalf of Casco Bay.

  1. Protect, restore and enhance key habitats that sustain ecological health CBEP commits to conserving priority undeveloped shorelines, protecting and restoring vital habitats such as eelgrass beds and tidal mudflats, enhancing connectivity among aquatic habitats, and strengthening the capacity of Casco Bay ecosystems to accommodate change.
  2. Improve Casco Bay’s water quality by reducing nutrient pollution and its impacts, including coastal acidification CBEP promotes practices that reduce nutrient pollution, support public funding for improved stormwater management, and assess the dynamics of how nutrients enter and move within Casco Bay.
  3. Foster resilient communities and their connections to Casco Bay CBEP seeks to increase public engagement with Casco Bay and to support collaborative initiatives that illuminate the region’s ecological and economic interconnections, celebrate the Bay’s importance, and help citizens and leaders increase the region’s resilience in the face of climate disruptions.
  4. Mobilize collective knowledge and resources to support Casco Bay CBEP serves as a convener and catalyst, mobilizing scientific, financial and human resources to help residents throughout the watershed effectively address the complex and evolving challenges facing Casco Bay.


Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, Casco Bay Plan


Casco Bay, Casco Bay watershed



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