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CBEP has been collaborating for over 25 years with a multitude of partners working hard to protect Casco Bay. 2018 brought us new and exciting collaborations.

The Casco Bay Nutrient Council, convened by CBEP, met for almost two years and produced a report that laid a path forward for all partners to tackle nutrient pollution.

CBEP worked closely with the EPA to establish the Casco Bay Monitoring Network, made up of over 20 member organizations, aimed at coordinating and upgrading monitoring in the Bay. The Network is currently updating the Casco Bay Monitoring Plan.

CBEP is an active participant in the City of Portland’s new Integrated Plan for Water Resources. The end goal of the “Blue Portland” Integrated Planning Process is to analyze and refocus policies and funding toward more beneficial investments in stormwater, wastewater, and combined sewer overflows (CSO) abatement.

A new coalition in the Sebago watershed is focused on conserving upstream forests to protect Sebago water quality. And a burgeoning New England coalition is experimenting with using natural materials to reduce shoreline erosion and improve coastal habitat. CBEP is a partner in both collaborations.

Collaboration has always been a central mission for CBEP.


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