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The Casco Bay Interlocal Stormwater Working Group is being held up as that model for regionalization efforts by officials outside the group. This study addresses two hypotheses: 1) Members of the ISWG believe that their participation on the ISWG has been beneficial to them and 2) Better understanding of the overall experience of being a member of the ISWG can provide insight into what makes regionalization efforts in Maine successful. The study used indepth interviews, observation and historical information data collection techniques. Study findings indicate that the experience of being a municipal member on the ISWG board has been seen as beneficial to members in a diverse number of ways. There are both direct benefits and side benefits to members for participating in ISWG activities. There are also challenges to participating. The ISWG is poised at a pivotal moment of transformation that may affect its functionality in the future. Finally, because of its unique attributes, the ISWG has limited applicability as a model for other regionalization efforts. The study looks at each of these key points in detail.


Stormwater; Towns and Cities


Casco Bay



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