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The objective of this report focuses on the secondary goal of the overall program – to develop a better understanding of A. fundyense bloom dynamics in Casco Bay – by examining bloom origin and development (outside Casco Bay, within Casco Bay or both) and correlations between water quality data, location, and bloom intensity. We analyzed the IPSP monitoring program 2006-2008 data to characterize the blooms (spatially and temporally), and examine correlations between water quality, toxicity and A. fundyense data. Using the IPSP data along with data from other studies, we have examined the role of local and regional physical and biological factors in the larger Gulf of Maine and their potential impact on the onset and temporal and spatial extent of red tide blooms in Casco Bay. We have also examined the role of nutrient availability in the spatial and temporal extent of Casco Bay blooms.


Shellfish; Toxics; Nutrients


Casco Bay watershed, Gulf of Maine



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