Motivators to Adopt Green Supply Chain Initiatives

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International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (IJISSCM)


There are several factors that drive organizations to consider implementing green supply chain (GSC) initiatives. This paper refines an instrument to empirically test the significance of the following drivers for participation in GSC initiatives: Government Regulation, Buyer/Supply Chain Influence, Internal Readiness, Competitive Advantage, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility emerged as the most significant variable that effected the decision making of the organizations around green supply chain management practices. Surprisingly, Competitive Advantage, which has been found to be a significant contributor in prior research when studied in isolation, did not emerge as a significant factor in this study. The emergent high correlation between the Corporate Social Responsibility and Competitive Advantage could imply that the Competitive Advantage could be embedded within the Corporate Social Responsibility when agencies focus on greening their supply chains.