Consumer Racial Profiling in Retail Environments: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Impact on Brand Image

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Journal of Brand Management


Using latent difference scores to analyze longitudinal data (N=152 and N=145, respectively), this research investigates consumer immediate and short-term brand responses when exposed to video vignettes depicting consumer racial profiling (CRP) (that is, when retailers treat consumers differently based on race/ethnicity as a means to curtail shoplifting); in doing so, we examine how personal moral philosophy and marketing communications affect changes in brand image over time. The results indicate that CRP has a temporary negative effect on consumers’ image of the retail brand; however, the rate of image recovery varies with exposure to marketing communication and personal moral philosophy. By exploring the effects of marketing communications and personal moral philosophy on brand image changes over time, this research offers meaningful insight into understanding how brand image perceptions are affected by CRP.


DOI: https://doi.org/10.1057/bm.2010.24

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