Social Media Posters and Lurkers: The impact on team identification and game attendance in minor league baseball

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Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice


Social media has exploded over the past few years, with sport fans now actively contributing to social networks, blogs, news feeds and content-sharing sites. Because social media tools encourage user engagement, they should also increase consumer affiliation with their teams. However, not much is known about the attitudinal and behavioural differences between posters, sport fans who post content, and lurkers, those who post infrequently or not at all. This study, using mediation and moderation models of team identification and game attendance, confirms that both lurkers and posters identify with their teams and are likely to attend games. This study finds, however, that lurkers attend games more frequently than posters. These differences are discussed and recommendations are made to improve the use of social media by sport organizations. Suggestions for future research are also provided.


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