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Format: Accordion book glued at the peaks, faux Japanese Stab Binding covers

Medium: Bienfang mixed media paper, Canson Mi-Teintes, Windsor Newton ink, 50 year old Pelikan ink, Distress Spray Stain, quilting thread, Perle embroidery floss, shoelaces, found print material, and beads

Artist statement: While learning the highly traditional and carefully controlled Jaanese Stab binding techniques, I wanted to JUST STAB. Exploring the reasons for wanting to JUST STAB, it was cathartic to work through the images, research background material, and interact with fellow students to see what images resonated with others. There is an undertone of hope throughout the book. I feel better now.

BAC_Troop-AngryStabBook_detail.jpg (4763 kB)
Angry American Woman Stab Book - detail

BAC_Troop-AngryStabBook_spread.jpg (4989 kB)
Angry American Woman Stab Book - spread


Activism, politics, art book