Mental Health First Aid in Rural Communities: Appropriateness and Outcomes

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Rural, mental health, Mental Health First Aid, health promotion, MRHRC

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Journal of Rural Health


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), an early intervention training program for general audiences, has been promoted as a means for improving population-level behavioral health (BH) in rural communities by encouraging treatment-seeking. This study examined MHFA's appropriateness and impacts in rural contexts, using a mixed-methods approach to study MHFA trainings conducted from November 2012 through September 2013 in rural communities across the country. Findings show that MHFA appears aligned with some key rural needs. MHFA may help to reduce unmet need for BH treatment in rural communities by raising awareness of BH issues and mitigating stigma, thereby promoting appropriate treatment-seeking. However, rural infrastructure deficits may limit some communities’ ability to meet new demand generated by MHFA. MHFA may help motivate rural communities to develop initiatives for strengthening infrastructure, but additional tools and consultation may be needed.


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This study was funded under a Cooperative Agreement with the federal Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP), Health Resources and Services Administration, DHHS.

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