ART/RSP 299: Gathering in the Garden: Poetry and Studio Art



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Admirers of the Garden

I fly in as the sun rises
Fluttering to the beaming light
Of golden and red velvety petals
I touch down on the layers of the lilies
Admiring their similar colors
Breaking my concentration
A chirping sound in the distance

I feel the wind beneath my wings
As I fly to an area I’m familiar with
I land on the nearby fence post
My black and white feathers
Illuminated by sunlight
I look down at the nearby botany
The rows of greens growing from the soil
I seek out my next destination and take flight
As a shadow takes my light

I walk down the path as I do every time
I leave for a new adventure
I see a small chickadee fly off towards the trees
Walking over to the daylilies
Growing up to the top of the small fence
I feel lost in their presence
Until the bright colored monarch
Catches my attention

Publication Date

Summer 2021


University of Southern Maine Art Department, book arts, student work, painting, poetry


Art and Design | Arts and Humanities | Book and Paper | Poetry

Admirers of the Garden by Tabitha Burgess



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