Books from 2017

Marsden Hartley's Maine, Donna M. Cassidy Ph.D., Elizabeth Finch, and Randall R. Griffey

All About Process: The Theory and Discourse of Modern Artistic Labor, Kim Grant PhD

Submissions from 2011

Paint and be happy: the modern artist and the amateur painter, a question of distinction, Kim Grant

Submissions from 2010

Cahiers d'Art and the Evolution of Modernist Painting, Kim Grant

Books from 2005

Marsden Hartley: Race, Region, and Nation, Donna M. Cassidy Ph.D.

Submissions from 2004

La démarche poétique from Vico to Surrealism, Kim Grant and Charles Cramer

Books from 1997

Painting the Musical City: Jazz and Cultural Identity in American Art, 1910 - 1940, Donna M. Cassidy Ph.D.

Submissions from 1988

Arthur Dove's music paintings of the Jazz Age., Donna Cassidy