Anti-Racism Educational Resources

Anti-Racism Educational Resources


The USM Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Council (IDEC) has collaborated with the USM Libraries to collect educational resources on the subjects of anti-racism and identity from departments and programs at the University of Southern Maine. These materials are intended for use by anyone seeking to further their knowledge in these areas.

We recommend the IDEC Resource LibGuide as a starting point. Additionally, the USM Libraries Anti-Racism LibGuide is a great resource for personal learning.

Classroom Resources - Materials for use in course instruction from K-12 to higher learning environments.

Discussion Guides - Guides to provide a framework for leading discussions and engaging in critical conversations on topics related to race, justice, and equity.

Reading Lists - Lists of reading from the various disciplines at the University of Southern Maine.

Lectures, Presentations, and Talks - Video recordings by various guest speakers and lecturers at the University of Southern Maine.

Resources for Support and Action - Links to external resources for activism, learning, and more.

We invite submissions from University of Southern Maine faculty, staff, and students. You can submit material here.

Disclaimer: We have attempted to gather resources that are relevant and useful, but we acknowledge we are not exempt from the limitations of our own hidden biases and personal privileges as individuals. We welcome feedback about where we can make changes and improvements to our content to promote equity and inclusion for all; however, we primarily focus on featuring resources and organizations in New England that are relevant to our local community and are not actively seeking more resources at this time.

Please contact the Site Administrator for inquiries.


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