Our now discontinued American and New England Studies program at the University of Southern Maine provided a wide ranging, interdisciplinary course of study leading to the degree of Master of Arts. Unlike many interdisciplinary graduate programs at other universities, our program had its own dedicated faculty and curriculum. The curriculum was both regionally and nationally focused, examining questions of New England and American identity and experience through a variety of critical perspectives. More about ANES


Books from 2015

Lizzie Borden on Trial : Murder, Ethnicity, and Gender, Joseph A. Conforti

Books from 2013

Another City upon a Hill: A New England Memoir (Portuguese in the Americas Series), Joseph A. Conforti

Books from 2011

Maine Moderns: Art in Seguinland, 1900 - 1940, Libby MacDonald Bischof and Susan Danly

Submissions from 2008


Review of: Friends of the Unrighteous Mammon: Northern Christians and Market Capitalism, 1815-1860, Joseph A. Conforti

Submissions from 2006


Cultures of Belonging: Women, Popular Culture, and Activism, Ardis Cameron


Spaces of Encounter: The Cultural Labor of Class Difference, Ardis Cameron

Submissions from 2005


Review of: Forests in Time: The Environmental Consequences of 1,000 Years of Change in New England, Review of: Sightseeking: Clues to the Landscape History of New England, Kent C. Ryden

Submissions from 2003


Building Region into Modernism: Marden Hartley's Church at Head Tide, Maine (1938), Donna Cassidy

Submissions from 2001


Big Trees, Back Yards and the Borders of Nature, Kent C. Ryden

Submissions from 1994


On the Subject of Nativeness: Marsden Hartley and the New England Regionalism, Donna M. Cassidy

Submissions from 1985


David Brainerd and the Nineteenth Century Missionary Movement, Joseph A. Conforti