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Gerald E. Talbot, Maine State Board of Education, NAACP, New England Regional NAACP, March for Jobs and Freedom, Voter Registration, First African American Elected to Maine State Legislature, Maine Legislature, Maine House of Representatives, Maine House Speaker Pro-Tem, Black Education and Cultural History, Inc, BEACH, Maine’s Visible Black History: The First Chronicle of Its People, African American Culture, African Americans in Maine, Black History, Black Culture, Black Heritage, Civil Rights Movement, Portland, Bangor, Maine



Gerald E. Talbot was the first African American to be elected to the Maine State Legislature. He served in the Maine House of Representatives from 1972 to 1978, and worked with the Maine chapter of the NAACP and the State Board of Education. He also took part in the struggle for civil rights in other parts of the country, as well as in Maine. The Collection includes Talbot’s personal papers, records of his term in the Maine House of Representatives, of his work with the NAACP in Maine and with the State Board of Education. The Collection contains books, serials, posters, artifacts, and photographs documenting African Americans in the United States, with an emphasis on Maine.

Date Range:

ca. 1800s-1990s

Size of Collection:

170 ft.



The Gerald E. Talbot Collection was compiled by Gerald E. Talbot over the course of his life and donated by him to the Sampson Center in 1995.

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The Gerald E. Talbot Collection is the physical property of the University of Southern Maine Libraries. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the creator or her/his legal heirs and assigns.

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