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Theses/Dissertations from 2014


The Church of Forgotten People, Katherine Johnson

Aunt Jane, Linda J. Kobert

The Shambling Guide to New Orleans, Mary Larkin Lafferty


The Confounding of the Chamelon, David LeBlanc

The Cycle of Mefalinda, Fiona Lehn

To Dirigo & Back, Bridget Madden

Weesel, Rebecca J. McKenna

Some Other Giant: Stories, Cortney McLellan

Little Red, Roxanne Ocasio


The Right to Remain, Alexis Paige


How to Sink, Swim, or Drown, Christina Perachio

Frog Keeper, Sean R. Robinson

Blood Lust, Danielle Rose

The Bulletproof and Other Stories, John Shade

Ka Lei Haku, Debra Kilihune Simmons

Grainne, J. G. Strauss


Reach for Me: A Memoir, Kelli Thompson

Winter Animals and Other Stories, Enza Vescera


Rambling Through the Heart of it All, Danara Wallace

Bassarids, Genevieve Williams

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

The Belle Mar, Katie Bickham

Riding the Zephyr and Other Journeys, Sheila Webster Boneham

Dark Worlds: Fairy Tales and Science Fiction Horror, Karen Marie Bovenmyer

Prayers for the Stolen, Jennifer Anne Sibley Clement

More Than Just a Pretty Face: An in-depth exploration of How Birds Are Smarter Than You Think, Julianne Cronin