Most Recent Additions*


Making choices and Partners in the Process
Maureen Connolly and Charles Bernacchio


Bar Harbor
F. Marion Crawford


Healthy IDEAS for caregivers of people with dementia in Maine: Evaluation report
Julie Fralich, Stuart Bratesman, Mark Richards, and Susan Payne


TORCH (April 2017)
Brandon Baldwin


Catch statistics in the bloodworm fishery in Maine
Erica Sypitkowski, William G. Ambrose, Curtis Bohlen, and Joseph Warren


Dams, dam removal and river restoration: A hedonic property value analysis
Lynne Y. Lewis, Curtis Bohlen PhD, and Sarah Wilson


Estimating the frequency and extent of bloodworm digging in Maine from aerial photography
Eben Sypitkowski, Curtis Bohlen PhD, and William G. Ambrose


Harvest Efficiency of Bloodworms on Maine Mudflats
Eben Sypitkowski, William G. Ambrose, Curtis Bohlen PhD, and Joseph Warren


GIS Feasibility Study
New England Environmental Finance Center

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