The Department of Psychology offers a bachelor of arts degree through the College of Science, Technology, and Health. Though psychology is both a behavioral science and a helping profession, most psychologists agree that graduate school is the appropriate site for professional training. As an undergraduate psychology major you will be introduced to the scientific study of basic psychological processes, principles and theories. There will not be an emphasis upon acquiring professional counseling skills.



Submissions from 2012


Hostile mood and social strain during daily life: A test of the transactional model., Elizabeth J. Vella, Thomas W. Karmarck, Janine D. Flory, and Stephen B. Manuck

Submissions from 2011


Citalopram improves metabolic risk factors among high hostile adults: Results of a placebo-controlled intervention., Thomas W. Karmarck, Matthew F. Muldoon, Stephen B. Manuck, Roger F. Haskett, JeeWon Cheong, Janine D. Flory, and Elizabeth Vella

Submissions from 2009


Hostility and anger in: Cardiovascular reactivity and recovery to mental arithmetic stress., Elizabeth J. Vella and Bruce H. Friedman

Submissions from 2008


The attenuation effect in timing: Counteracting dual-task interference with time-judgment skill training, Scott W. Brown


Hostility & Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Elizabeth J. Vella, Thomas W. Karmarck, and Saul Shiffman