Train-the-trainer as an Educational Model in Public Health Preparedness.

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Disaster Planning, Humans, Maine, Models, Educational, Public Health

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Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP


Train-the-trainer (TTT) is a widely acknowledged educational model across a number of disciplines, including public health preparedness. However, many questions arise about its proper use, its efficacy, and its optimal role in preparedness education. After careful consideration of the literature and past anecdotal experiences with this educational model, TTT was selected as the preferred and sustainable method for public health preparedness in Maine. Upon completion of Year 1 of the Maine TTT program, our evaluation results revealed that TTT was successful and well received by participants. It is evident that TTT is potentially a valuable tool in public health preparedness, but it should be noted that there is no clear prescription for implementing TTT. Institutions and communities adopting TTT as an educational model must be flexible and willing to revise the training plan as challenges are encountered. Future research is required to help clarify optimal ways of using TTT to promote public health preparedness in the 21st century.

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