Wilfred Laurendeau (1886-1946) was born in Canada and came to Lewiston in 1904 (aged 18). He worked as a cobbler. He married Eugenie Rosseau (c.1884-1927) and Marie-Laure Desroches (1892-1978). Wilfred and Eugenie had three daughters – Liliane (1908-1996), Thérèse (1918-2008), and Marie-Jeanne (1924-2010). Together, the sisters ran Laurendeau’s market on Lisbon Street, Lewiston (1944-1979). Thérèse worked at Bath Iron Works during World War II. Marie-Jeanne was an organist and music teacher.

The Collection includes many family photographs, plus handwritten journals, playbills, songs, stock certificates, school diplomas and newspaper articles; with an emphasis on Marie-Jeanne’s musical career.


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