Capstones from 2013


Geotechnics and regionalism: the lineage of thought from John Wesley Powell to Benton Mackaye, Nikkilee Cataldo


Diffusion of POLST Education in Maine: Successes, Challenges, and opportunities, Mary Lou Ciolfi

Prayers for the Stolen, Jennifer Anne Sibley Clement


The Legro Burial Ground Archaeological Excavations and Funerary Hardware Analysis: a Shift in Nineteenth Century Mortuary Consumer Behavior in Rochester, New Hampshire, Jessica A. Cofelice

More Than Just a Pretty Face: An in-depth exploration of How Birds Are Smarter Than You Think, Julianne Cronin

Darkness Wasting: Stories, Katie Elizabeth Crumpton

Our Lady of Fatima, Heather Cyr


Closing the Rural Mortality Gap? An examination of 10-year cardiovascular mortality trends in Washington and Aroostook Counties, Maine, Christy Daggett

The USM Dominican Republic Health Outreach Program: An Important Model of Interprofessional Education, Kim Derby


Managing Social Security Disability & Other Public Benefits: Development of a Guide for Consumers and Providers, Stephanie L. Derochers

Homemade Rodeos, Kerri K. Dieffenwierth

Growth Rate and Fatty Acid Profile of Koliella antarctica in Response to Osmotic Conditions, Peter Drake


Impact of Family Structure & Gender on School Engagement, Robyn Dumont


Born with Their Hearts in Their Mouths, Karin Serpentina Eberhardt


Expanding Roles of Medical Assistants in the Patient Centered Medical Home, Christopher W. Eldridge

Leapfrog, Jane Ellingwood

Whisked: Book One of the Inter-Dimensional Space Kitten Saga, Katrina Michelle Ellyson

Welcome to the Food Chain, Ed Ferrara

Tim Gunn Would Be Crying, Karla Michelle Fossett


Shared Leadership in Higher Education: A Phenomenological Case-Study of the Impact of Shared Leadership on the Admission and Transfer Staff at a Regional Comprehensive State University, Christopher William Fox

How the Light, Yvonne Garcia

Gravid, Teal Gardella

Molecular and Cultivation-Based Investigation of Microbial Diversity at the Historic Katahdin Iron Works Acid Mine Drainage Site in Maine, Jefferson Gaynor


Pharmaceutical Policy Process: Lessons from the Newly Independent States, Irina Ghazaryan

Night at the American Theater and Seeing the Elephant : A Stage Play, Alexandria Giardino


A Federated Architecture for Managing Health Information in Ethiopia, Russell Gillen

Wild Song, Terri Glass


High Peaks Back - country Trails Plan, Benjamin Godsoe


The Path to Health Information Technology Adoption: How Far Have We Reached?, Pranav Gokhale


Evolution and Change in Civic Engagement Organizations: A Life-Cycle Analysis of the Maine League of Young Voters, Nathan J.R. Grant

"A Little Heart Thing", Penny Guisinger

Bedlam Corners, Kelli Hadfield-Faherty

Effects of Specific Viral Gene Deletions on Murid Herpesvirus 4 Strain 68 In Vitro Replication and Gene Expression, Melissa S. Hamel

Teetotalling with Detective Brandt and Other Stories, Drew Hekler

Flowers of Ink in a Cold Red World, Sarah Steinberg Heller

A Glorious Work: The Religious Revival in North Yarmouth, Maine, 1791-1793, Holly K. Hurd

Collecting the Ashes, Amanda Mercedes Johnson

Killer Gig, Michael L. Joy

The Book of Seasons, Rebecca Susann Kightlinger


Public Pensions and Debt in the State of Maine, Ryan Knaus

Determining Leadership Effectiveness Amid Economic Realities, Sky Kwasnick

Confluence: Where Motherhood and Story Meet, Andrea E. Lani

Comparative Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity of Nickel Compounds in Sperm Whale and Human Skin Fibroblasts, Erin Elise Lawson


A Comparative Analysis of Funding for Judicial Services in Maine: Levels and Trends, 1996 - 2010, Barry C. Lucier

Antibiotics in Animal-Based Proteins: Their Effects on Human Health, Desiree Lunt


“A Sufficient Number": The Historic African American Community Of Peterborough in Warren, Maine, Kate E. McMahon

Leadership in Children’s Media: Recognizable and reinforcable?, Lee Michael Morin

Sign of the Gypsy Queen, Thomas Morrissey

Waiting to be Filled with Rain, Casey Moynihan

The Last Valkyrie and Tales of Dyrfinna, Frank Nadeau