Theses/Dissertations from 2013


The Varied Roles of Induced Plant Responses in Species Interactions, Justine B. Roths


The Coded Lair, Julie Poitras Santos

Baby People: On Becoming the Woman I Never Knew I Wanted to Be, Katherine Sargent

Distribution and Status of Maine Crayfish, Holly Presnell Smith


Cobalt-Induced Human Lung Cell Toxicity, Leah Jane Smith

Chasing Sheep, Chuck Smithson

Strange Monsters: Stories, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

The Midnight Thief, Emily Swartz

New Monasticism as Reflexive Spirituality : A Case Study of the Simple way, Laura F. Tennenhouse

The Lost Colony, Andy Wales

An Excerpt from Mercenary's Trust, Johnathan Warner


Flying Speed in Drosophila melanogaster Selected for Fast Flight, Jess Wheeler

Madder, Marco Wilkinson

Diagnosis, Renee S. Young

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Lead Well: Personal Wellness in Leadership, Danielle Elizabeth Bernier


Can Curriculum Changes Improve the Deliverables the Business Studies Departments of Maine’s Community Colleges Provide its Stakeholders?, Jack Buckley


Design from Within: A Resident-Based Approach to Nursing Home Design, Maureen D. Carland


Nutrient-dependent Steroidogenic Activity of the Prothoracic Gland in Manduca sexta, Erika Marguerite Diffin

Women in Leadership Roles in Male Dominated Careers, Meredith Dunn

Searching for…Trust: The High-Stakes Search Committee Experience, Michelle E. Dustin

Genomic Organization and Virion pH Stability of Selected Bacteriophages from Soda Lakes of Kenya's Great Rift Valley, J.G. Kinyua Gikonyo

Distance Learning Programs in Academia: An examination of factors that lead to student success and persistence., Jenni Hebert

Peer Advising: A Case for the Necessity of a Peer Advising Center at Central Maine Community College, Sheila Lawlor


Organizational Affiliation and Financial Performance of Critical Access Hospitals, Margaret Mueller Shore


Predicting Traffic on the Maine Turnpike Using Artificial Neural Networks, Robert Swain

Formal Orientation: An Evaluation of the Value Added Aspect for a Formal Orientation Program for Non-Certificated Staff at the Auburn School Department, Rosalind Walton

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

Teacher Leadership in Public Schools: Teacher Leadership Development and Its Impact on Public Schools, Joyce Bucciantini

Mothers in Formal Positions of Leadership: Their needs for accommodations in managing dual roles of leader and parent, Kimberly D. Grover

Training Quality Trainers, Rebecca Johnson

“Actually…I look at her sometimes:” Adolescent Somali Girls’ Leadership Identity Development, Julia Sleeper


The Importance of Effective Listening Skills: Implications for the Workplace and Dealing with Difficult People, Amy Ogrodnik Sullivan

Women Leadership: The Balance of Work and Family Life: A Women's Leadership Conference Proposal, Eileen Wisnewski

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

Police Effectiveness in Androscoggin County, Andrew D'Eramo

A Qualitative Study of Maine Volunteer Lake Monitors’ Environmental Values and Motivations, James Entwood

Leadership: Core Competency Models in Healthcare, Pearl M. Ivey


Positive Connection Leads to Student Success, Diane C. Leavitt

Cultural and Behavioral Considerations for Success in Online Education, Ingo-Heinz Neethling


The Need for Effective Leadership Training Programs in Maine’s Volunteer Fire Services, Daniel Philbrick


A Passion for Peace: An Examination of Prudential Leadership Applied to Jimmy Carter's Middle East Peace Accomplishments, Lynelle Philbrick

Characterization of Bacteria and Bacteriophages Isolated from Soda Lakes in Kenya's Great Rift Valley, Wendy Witbeck

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

Puritans and Princesses: Examining Leadership Through Genealogy, Ann Marie Bartoo

Expanding Horizons for Community College Students: A Travel and Transfer Initiative on the Road to a Baccalaureate Degree, Pauline Moreau

An Improved Police Response for Juveniles in Crisis A Collaborative Approach Shared Leadership in Practice, Jonathan J. Shapiro

Peer Graduate Mentor Program, Lisa Sweet

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

Somali Community Leadership and Conflict Management, Omar Ahmed

Leadership Development in Maine Public Middle School Classrooms, Angela Jean Herrick Bordeaux


Constraints to Exercising Leadership in the Call Center Environment, Karen M. Chouinard

Women's Perceptions of Leadership: The Effect of National Cultures and the Dimension of Masculinity/Femininity, Kristen Sarah Cloutier

Promoting and Sustaining Lean Initiatives, Patrick Connell

Shared Leadership in Self-Directed Teams, Catherine Foyt