Books from 2015

Strip Cultures: Finding America in Las Vegas, Stacy M. Jameson, Karen Klugman, Jane Kuenz PhD, and Susan Willis

Publications from 2014


Webster's Geometry; or, The Irreducible Duchess, Benjamin Bertram PhD

Rereading Goethe, Rethinking Culture, Gerald Peters PhD

Publications from 2013


Falstaff ’s Body, the Body Politic, and the Body of Trade, Benjamin Bertram PhD


Measure for Measure and the Discourse of Husbandry, Benjamin Bertram PhD

Books from 2012

Dwelling in American Dissent, Empire, and Globalization, John Muthyala PhD

Books from 2006

Reworlding America Myth, History, and Narrative, John Muthyala PhD

Publications from 1995

New Reflections on the "Revolutionary" Politics of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, Benjamin Bertram PhD

Inside the Mouse : Work and Play at Disney World, Jane Kuenz PhD, Shelton Waldrep PhD, Susan Willis, and Karen Klugman

Books from 1993

The Mutilating God : Authorship and Authority in the Narrative of Conversion, Gerald Peters PhD