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college readiness

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College readiness remains a large policy challenge for both K-­‐12 schools and higher education institutions. Students who need to pursue remedial coursework before being able to enroll in introductory college requirements face financial and logistical challenges that create barriers to degree progression. In an effort to gain additional information about the scale and context of the problem the University of Maine System and Maine Community College Systems were required to prepare four annual reports with information about the students entering their colleges directly from a Maine high school. These reports provided information on the overall proportion of these students who needed to enroll in remedial coursework, disaggregated by campus, by subject area (math, English, and overall), and by the high school from which they graduated. The second and subsequent reports also detailed retention and graduation outcomes for the students who enrolled in remedial courses in the prior years. This study compiled the results of the four reports in an effort to synthesize what may be learned from them.