The Department of Applied Medical Sciences at the University of Southern Maine is a multidisciplinary graduate department in biomedical sciences. We offer a variety of courses for graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and special students. Disciplines represented in the department include immunology, molecular biology, genetics, toxicology, and epidemiology. more


Submissions from 2009


Behavioral Changes in Aging but Not Young Mice after Neonatal Exposure to the Polybrominated Flame Retardant DecaBDE, Deborah C. Rice, W. Douglas Thompson, Elizabeth A. Reeve, Kristen D. Onos, Mina Assadollahzadeh, and Vincent P. Markowski

Submissions from 2008


Carcinogenicity of hexavalent chromium, Amie L. Holmes, S. S. Wise, and John P. Wise Sr.


Development of fragment-specific osteopontin antibodies and ELISA for quantification in human metastatic breast cancer, Alicia Plumer, Hongyi Duan, Sripriya Subramaniam, F. Lee Lucas, Susan Miesfeldt, Ah-Kau Ng, and Lucy Liaw